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Bachman: With your busy schedule, how do you find time to write?

Spencer: Good question! I try to work in time on at least one day during the weekend, along with some time one or two nights per week to do something to forward my writing, whether it be writing on a current storyline, creating a new short story, or researching a key detail in one story or another. It’s not so much finding the time, but making it. When an activity is important to you, somehow you work it into your schedule. I’ve got a pretty busy week, but I enjoy furthering my stories so I do make the time.

Bachman: What keeps you motivated to keep on that marathon many writers call the writing process?

Spencer: My fans, hands down. Without the readers who enjoy what I’ve written and tell me so, or bring questions I’ve not thought of before, or even those who challenge me with continuing on with a given storyline, I might not keep writing. These are the people I strive to please; the ones I’ve entertained, who ask for more. They are why I stay motivated.

Bachman: What drew you to the current genre(s) in which you write?

Spencer: I’ve always been a believer in karma. It’s a relatively untapped field as far as writing goes, and I want to explore how it reacts and interacts with different situations. I enjoy psychological thrillers, as well, and want to give back to a genre that has kept me company through many hours of my life. A relatively new genre that I’ve begun writing is zombies. I hammered out a short story for a recent anthology challenge and even though it was my first in this genre, I was honored when they told me I’d been chosen for inclusion. I’ve given some thought to continuing on and creating a storyline here, as well, whether it be one book or a series. I’ve not made that decision yet, as its still in the planning stages.

Bachman: Share with us, if you don’t mind, details on the latest book you released. Anything you can tell us about it?

Spencer: The most recent story I’ve released is included in an anthology with a winter theme, though that’s not only my work that includes six other talented authors as well. My most current release of my own is Ripples of the Boomerang, and is the sequel to my first book, The Boomerang Effect. Ripples continue on with the characters from Boomerang, and answers some questions that were left open with my readers. When we left Boomerang, Katy was in a coma and Andy had been hit by a car, with no one but the most astute readers picking up on who was driving the vehicle. It also follows through with Karen, our television reporter, and Ben, the man she was dating. Caroline also makes progress with her story after her world is turned upside down by facts that were revealed to her in the original story. I’d like to tell you more about it, but that would ruin what some have said is a really good read.

Bachman: What does the future look like for your books?

Spencer: Currently I’m looking forward to releasing another anthology of my own, as well as having one of my short stories included in another anthology with other authors. I also have begun to write another story in the Boomerang series – which may or may not make readers happy, knowing one is coming, but then doesn’t a boomerang always come back around when karma throws it?

Bachman: Where can we see you popping up next?

Spencer: I don’t have anything scheduled in 2015 as far as appearances go, at least not at the moment. I spent quite a bit of time showing up at different events through 2014, and am going to take some time off of the tour circuit. My plan is to get in some serious writing time this year and perhaps release both books I’m working on. That would be wonderful! Though I fully expect to add at least one or two events to my calendar as we go through the year, because I can’t seem to stay away from meeting new Lovelies (that’s what I call my readers… my Lovelies) and catching up with my current fans, so stay tuned for more information as far as appearances go!

Bachman: What’s your favorite part of being an author?

Spencer: Entertaining. I enjoy telling a story and hearing back from those who read it that they fully disappeared into my work. That’s what makes all the long hours and hard work worth it; knowing there are people out there who, for a short time, disappeared into a world that existed only in my mind until the pen hit the paper.

Bachman: Share with us, if you will, your reasoning for self-publishing, what about it appeals to you?

Spencer: Self publishing is the only way I’ve published to date, though that’s not to say I wouldn’t be interested in discussing other avenues in the future. Being a little bit OCD, or so I’m told, I find it easier to be able to choose my own cover art, and make the changes I like and discard the ones I don’t. I also appreciate being able to publish when I’m ready and not when someone else says I should; having said that, my main reason for choosing to self-publish is the time frame choice. I don’t have to worry about waiting a year or so for my book to hit the shelves. From what I’ve found during research of different methods, it can take that long when it has to go through an agent, then a publisher, to become available for readers. That’s not what I’m interested in. I want to be able to share my passion for a story when it’s overflowing from my heart and soul, as opposed to having it cooling its heels for months on end before anyone waiting for it can read it.

Spencer: Thank you so much for taking time to talk with me! I’m happy we’ve had this chance to get to know each other a little bit better – and I look forward to chatting again in the near future!!

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