Maxwell Demon Releases Giveaway!

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On August 7th, throughout the day many things will be given away before the event itself begins! During t time of 9-9:30pm beautifully crafted Fallen Angel necklaces will be given away as well as ebook editions of Maxwell Demon. The image attached shows not only these necklaces, but other items that will be given away throughout the day by me, L. Bachman, the writer of Maxwell Demon and the series to continue The Blasphemer Series.

Many items given away on this day are autographed! A special set of items will be given away as well of a notebook and postcard that reads ‘Book boyfriends are better when they’re paranormal’ and a single notebook that is autographed will go to one lucky winner that reads ‘Paranormal book boyfriends do it better’.Check out the image for a full list of prizes and locations to check out or join!

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