Maxwell Demon

August 7th 2015 Maxwell Demon released into the ethos. This isn’t a mere book release for me, this is a personal journey that began as a pre-teen with big dreams, tons of hope, and a lot of unsure if anyone would like it thoughts. I’ve said in interviews that this book was a springboard book for the series and it is. It is a novella that had to be told. The story within the pages told are a tale that causes the rest of the series to occur.

Now that the e-copy is released what is next for Maxwell Demon? During the launch party the paperback edition of the book. I’m still working on some final details to polish the paperback before releasing it into the ethos as well. The first chapter will remain free at Wattpad. More interviews are in the work and I will be making a stop by Late Night NA.

I’ve already been working on the second installment of the series, Harvest. As well as Maxwell: The Untold Stories. The cover of this work was also revealed during the party on Friday for Maxwell Demon.

The Launch Party

The party that occurred on Friday for the release was amazing. It was so fun that time flew by! Tons of stuff was given away. I am still amazed by it, it was so nice to see so many turn out for the fun. I am so honored that so many authors showed up, not only just the guest authors that took part, but I saw familiar business faces.

Before morning of the party a small session resulted in a book being given away to a lucky winner.

Winners of Maxwell Demon Swag Goodies:

Preston Leigh

Michael David Anderson

Ashley Martinez

Marlena Mowry

Lindy Spencer

Stephanie Hadlow

This doesn’t include all those that have received goodie swag from the book nor does this include those that won prizes from the guest authors. I cannot wait to see pictures from the winners!! If I am by a slim chance missing someone from the list, please contact me at writerbachman@gmail.com so you can be added to the list!

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