Paperback, Screamacon, & More

Paperback News

I will be receiving the paperback edition tomorrow 9/3/2015 so that I can proof it. Once I approve it this long awaited product will be available for purchase! I have had people asking me about this for months now and it’s finally coming. If there any adjustments that will need to be done I will do them, but everything seemed to be right this round.


I was contacted by the amazing author and writer Tj Weeks to create something for this horror convention he’s going to be doing. So you may see things floating about on this subject of me doing something for them. It is true! Whether he uses what I create for him I still don’t know, but just being asked is an honor for me.

All Over

It seems lately I’ve been all over the place. I got to hang out with Late Night Na, got to be on Unfleshed Podcast, and still going to be popping up as part of numerous things like Fall Into Reading event on Facebook for three days.

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