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Blogger to Blogger: Preston Leigh

Bachman: As a blogger, what is the main goal of your blog?

Leigh: I wanted to create a place for the fans to get to know their favorite indie author a little better and maybe find a new favorite indie author or story. I also wanted to share my reviews and thoughts on books.

Bachman: Any particular genres you prefer blogging about? Any you’d refuse as well?

Leigh: I read a lot of fiction. It really just depends on the mood I am in. The other week I was wanting some kind of science fiction. Other times I want something with a little mystery to it. I just love a good story. I do not read erotica and that is something that I will never feature on my blog. I also do not read a lot of nonfiction. I might read a little here or there but when I read I want escape what is around me and just go to a new world for a little bit.

Bachman: You come in contact with many authors, ever thought about writing yourself?

Leigh: I have started a story, Cliff. It will be told from the POV of an A.I. I have seven chapters done but I have not worked on it in a while. I should really start it back up.

Bachman: How do you balance a busy blog schedule and home life?

Leigh: It is hard. I am not the best with time management. One thing that helps right now is that my wife is in pharmacy school. She has a lot of studying to do and that gives me time to work on my blog. If she isn’t studying I like to spend time with her because I know those times are few and far between. But I try to work on the blog a few hours each day.

Bachman: What would you like readers to know about you?

Leigh: I am just an average guy that likes to read and talk about what I am reading.

Bachman: What can see from you and your blog in the coming months?

Leigh: I just partnered with ThirdScribe and I am really excited about that. So I just got a brand new website and logo that I think looks great. I am always trying to come up with some new things. Be on the look out for new interviews and giveaways every week.

Bachman: I’ve seen how busy you’ve gotten, this must be something you truly love doing is there any advice you can give to others that want to get into blogging?

Leigh: Here are a few things.

– Blogging is more work that you might think. I am constantly trying to think of things to make my blog better. Some things work and others don’t. It is a lot of figuring out what you enjoy and what your audience enjoys also.

– Today we are so use to getting everything instantly. That is not so with blogging. If you put in the time and effort you will see results but they are not instant. Your audience will grow over time.

– Make sure you enjoy blogging. If you are doing something on your blog that you do not enjoy, your audience will be able to tell. If you don’t enjoy a part then stop and figure out something new to do. You want this to be fun and not a job or chore.

Bachman: Where do you see yourself in five years? (Still blogging etc?)

Leigh: I would love to still be blogging. As long as I have readers that still enjoy it I will do it.

Bachman: If you could interview anyone, whether alive or dead, who would it be and why?

Leigh: That is a tough one. It seems that all indie authors are willing to do interviews and I have been able to get most of my favorite authors to commit to an interview. I would love to get Stephen King on here. It seems that a lot of the authors mention him as an inspiration. I bet everyone would love to see how he would answer my final question; A penguin walks through that door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?

Bachman: What events do you currently have going or will be starting soon that interested minds should know about?

Leigh: Currently I do weekly interviews, a monthly short story, and reviews when I finish a book or story. I started something new called Leighgendary Creations. I start with an idea and post it and then I let my readers write where the story goes next. I hope that takes off and that it becomes a favorite for people.

Bachman: When you’re not blogging and interacting with authors, what are you doing in whatever spare time you have remaining? (hobbies reading etc)

Leigh: I do like to read and play with my dogs. I also just like hanging out with my wife. We also have several shows we follow so we always have something to watch.

Bachman: Of all the authors you’ve come across in your time, who are some of your favorites that you’d like to mention?

Leigh: A few authors that I really enjoy reading are: Michael Bunker, Hank Garner, WJ Davies and Paul B Kohler. They have all written stories that made me want to write.

I have also been fortunate to interview : Andy Weir, Hugh Howey, and Jason Gurley.

Be on the lookout for some more great interviews. I have some really good ones scheduled.

Click the banner to visit Mr. Leigh’s website, it’s definitely a spot to visit!

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