Quick Updates

Short Story Christmas Horror finished and at the next step.

My guest blog post is finished and at the next step.

Work continues on the cover commissions I’ve been hired for, as of when previews will be released I’m not sure of and not setting a date in stone for any of those, but they’re coming!

My first children’s book is almost finished being written. It’s release date is not announced, but the year is next year for this one.

Along with the children’s book is going to be another short story collection out of the workshop! These are not children stories.

I’ve been finally making final decisions for cover finalizing for the next two books in The Blasphemer Series, this is Harvest (book 2) and Ghosts (book 3). I finally settled on a title for book three, originally it was Ghost, but now its Ghosts, as the story progresses this fits better.

I have other projects in the works, no new word about those as of right now, but things are being crafted!!