December Updates

December is a huge month for me and my family. There are numerous birthdays starting with my own! I’ve grumbled all year at my friends that turned 30th, jokingly commented that they needed to stop having their birthdays because they were bringing me along with them and I didn’t like it. (lol)

Dec. 3rd – My birthday! Yay!

Dec. 9th & 10th – I will be working to get Maxwell Demon on other website for other ereader owners. This is something I have had to wait on due to a contract with Amazon, had to wait 90 days after its release to do this.

Dec. 24th & 25th – Merry Christmas to those that celebrate!

Dec. 28th – This is my son’s birthday and you won’t be seeing me online to celebrate his big day.

I will post when the book is on the other websites with buy links.