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Hello Blasphemers! Ms. Bachman was kind enough to allow me to post to her blog. So thank you for having me.

My name is Rissa Blakeley and I write Post-Apocalypse with a paranormal twist. My current published works from my Shattered Lives series includes Broken Dreams, Awakened Desires, Fractured Hearts, Blind Faith, and A Little Taste of Naughty (Shattered Lives Short). I am diving further into the Paranormal Romance genre with a story for an anthology releasing late in 2016. It’s all very exciting!

Since we are deep into the holiday season, I thought I would share a few of the traditions we have here in our home.

On Christmas Eve, we have carried on one tradition my mother started when my brother and I were young. She used to buy new pajamas for us to open so we wouldn’t wear our ratty or mismatched pajamas for pictures on Christmas morning. So now, we all get new pajamas. It’s something we look forward to. But being the nuts that we are, we added one special element. A race. The Boss rarely participates, but for The Girl and me, it’s a serious deal. We see who can get their pajamas on and make it back to the living room the fastest. There’s no reason behind it, it’s just a little more fun and excitement added to the night. Once we’re all ready, we settle down on the couch and watch The Christmas Story and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation while eating holiday cookies and drinking hot cocoa. Mom and Dad’s drinks are usually spiked. -wink-

This week is very exciting for me. It’s release week for the fourth book in my Shattered Lives series, Blind Faith. This book took me a little longer to get together than normal. If it wasn’t for the efforts of my team of betas and my editor, I may still be staring at it, thinking it wasn’t good enough to publish. It was very difficult to write with some of the content and me trying to give the reader a good glimpse into how Henry’s mind spins out of control at a dizzying rate. I feel achieved that with their help!

I am also rereleasing the short story supplement to Broken Dreams titled A Little Taste of Naughty. It was published originally in the best-selling anthology, Just Desserts. It gives you a look into Henry and Elaina’s lives and relationship before the release of the virus. Who doesn’t like a little naughtiness occasionally?

Here’s a little excerpt from Blind Faith (Shattered Lives, Book Four):

“It’ll never go away. My demons come and go. Happiness or not, they will always be a whisper, finding a way to shout.”

“Don’t let the sound of their noise or the words they choose dictate your being. You are much stronger than they are.”

She said “they”, like my demons were a separate entity. It wasn’t the case, considering how long my demons had been around, lurking behind dark corners of my mind, worming through every nook and cranny. The stark reality was that I was them and they were me, destined to be inter­twined together forever. It was romantic…in a demented sort of way.

My eyes filled with tears, cheeks flushed from embarrassment. Not from the sadness, but from the deep hatred I felt flooding to the surface.

“I want release from the grip,” I growled.

“I know you do and you will one day. I promise you that. One day, it will all go away and you can live free and happy. I know that in my heart.”

I glanced away from her. “I don’t foresee that in my future. All I see is a weary battle to the very end.”

The first three books in the Shattered Lives series are on sale for $0.99 each for a limited time!

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