2016 Announcements

Happy New Year! 2016 is going to be a year full of projects getting published because of the many releases I have planned.

Harvest: Book 2 of the Blasphemer Series will release this year.

The Storytellers – My first children’s book, this is a collection of short stories from the world of Historia. Including a collaborative work I did with my son called The Elven Prince.

Other Worlds – Another collection of short stories will be releasing as well at some point, this is not a collection of children safe works like in The Storytellers. These are more thriller, horror, or general stories.

Human Ouija – A short story that will be included in Other Worlds will be released alone as well. Horror, thriller genre.

It is a strong possiblity that The Blasphemer Series: Ghosts (book 3) may be getting published instead of some of the smaller works just because I am so so passionate about The Blasphemer Series books.

For those that are subscribed to the newsletter, they got a surprise preview yesterday when the last newsletter of 2015 released showing the digital and paperback editions of The Blasphemer Series: Harvest were shown. Later on in the year, I will put these images out for more eyes to view, but for now you can only see the previews in the newsletter.