Darkness Dwells Podcast

Last night, I had the pleasure of getting to sit down with Jason White of Darkness Dwells Podcast and talk about many things. We talked The Blasphemer Series, my upcoming release of the short Human Ouija, the indie business’ professionalism, and much more. I have to say Mr. White was very professional and this is the type of podcast level of professionalism that anyone would desire and because of this I decided to talk about the podcast, what it’s about, and help those out there in the horror genre that’s may have been looking for a place to promote. It’s important as indies that we help eachother and ya’ll know I’m all about helping my fellow indies out.

Darkness Dwells is a blog and weekly podcast hosted by horror authors Jason White and Michael Schutz-Ryan. They have a wide variety of topics they cover within the world of horror, from authors to covering horor genre movies, this is definately a one-stop-horror-shop type of podcasts giving its listeners more than enough entertainment to sink their fangs into. I’m going to definitely start tuning in, I am a huge fan of podcasts.

You can find them around the web on the usual social media hot spots, Twitter, Facebook, and of course they even have a website that contains more information about them.




My own podcast interview with these guys should be going live within the week, so keep your eyes locked on my social media hot spots for when this goes live.