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Veteran's Homecoming

I’ve been vocal about my support of chariable events, namely the Painted Mayhem project, an anthology of authors that have come together to raise awareness and funds to support those living with PTSD. These types of things hit right at home with me, I have Veterans in my family (as most do) and for them and the respect for them and their service I’m drawn to show my respect to others and help if and when I can.

This book will have a release party that you can attend right from your pjs!

Now that I’ve talked about that PTSD support event I want to talk about another one!

Actor/Writer/& Military Veteran Santiago Cirilo (From The Walking Dead series) is doing his own project to raise funds and awareness for Veterans with PTSD and for our homeless Vets. He’s taking donations to fund a movie that will then in turn bring more funds.

On Facebook, you can also do this too!


GoFundMe Page

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