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Covers for Authors

Are you in need of a new cover design for a previously published work? Are you in need of a cover for a book to be published? Did you know I can help you with that? I enjoy doing things that are creative, it’s an extension of who I am that allowed me to help out my fellow community. If you’re interested I have a website for you to check out as well as a Youtube channel.

My channel contains lots of things, but primary there’s a playlist dedicated to book trailers that I recommend you checking out. I’ve created trailers for myself and my projects and these are what I recommend you look at and keep in mind if you’re interested in something for yourself to see what I can do.

I have been known to do things like t-shirt design and graphics for events as well. You can check out the portfolio to see a list of things I’ve done, images posted with permission by the authors that hired me and that I’ve worked for.

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