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Nominations Are In!

Summer Indie Book Awards contacted me on my L. Bachman page on Facebook to let me know that The Blasphemer Series: Maxwell Demon has been nominated for this year’s fantasy genre award.

Not only did this happen today, but I discovered that Human Ouija also had been nominated in the horror genre!

The voting begins September 1st, 2016. Full genre lists are popping up at their event page on Facebook as well as more information.

I hope I win, but I’m just honored to have been nominated! With that said, the paperback edition for Maxwell Demon will eventually be brandishing a new badge on its cover to promote it’s nominee status!

Summer Indie Book Awards Event Page

If you’d like to check out Metamorph Publishing’s website you can follow this link and find your way to their site!

Voting begins soon, don’t forget to vote if you’d like to see Maxwell Demon or Human Ouija win.

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