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Over the weekend Crossroads in the Dark II: Urban Legends released, this morning it was holding strong in the top 100. This morning as the anthology pummeled the other books reaching for some great rankings Dawn of Blasphemy: Special Edition dropped. This is a non-Burning Willow Press release, it was a release of my own. Originally, the goal for this book’s release was to publish out earlier in December, but as things go it wasn’t able to hit that goal, but though that goal was not smashed, another one was and that was releasing within wanted month, December.
If you have not seen the ads across Facebook promoting DOB: Special Edition You shall see it at the front of this page at the bottom of this post. This book was done FOR supporters with the same supporters and fans being able to vote on what they wanted as bonus materials. I worked hard to collect things that were not previously published, gathered questions not previously answered, and sharing a preview chapter of book three of The Blasphemer Series: Ghosts. The special edition includes Maxwell Demon and Harvest with the bonus materials rounded out the last of the book with a fresh new updated biography that can see all over the place as I worked getting it up at the important locations.

Check out the book trailer here

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