It’s Official – The Buzzkill Hired Me

It’s official now. It was official before, but now it’s become publically another block of cement in the foundation I’m building. I’ve been hired to be a staff writer for the awesomely weird The Buzzkill Magazine. Why they wanted me? Hopefully, it’s my talent, but it probably boils down to my weirdness. A weirdness I’ve embraced for years and been building relationships and a career on. You gotta be a bit weird to write horror or at least dark to come up with some of the things you do in that genre.

So now when not doing graphics or writing about demons, possessions, witches being burned (spoiler for a future work), and all the things I adore story writing about I’ll be submitting over there! I’m not sure what I’ll be writing, but I can assure you it’ll be dripping with all that has come to be expected of me!

Check out the article: L. Bachman, you’re here too? @ The Buzzkill Magazine. To read about my journey into becoming a staff writer for the first time and believe me it was surprising even to me!