The Buzzkill Magazine: New Series Introduced!

Over at The Buzzkill Magazine, I’ve got articles and will have more coming in the future. I have a new one coming out real soon, like any moment today. This one is special because it’s something new! After a short and sweet meeting with my boss man over there, I was greenlighted to start this new project of sorts. WTF Cryptos is what I’m going to be calling this sequence of articles featuring paranormal creatures and other paranormal things. The first one will cover tulpas.

The reason I wanted to do these articles is for interest purposes. I have become familiar, through researching for my own stories and novels, with a lot of things occult, supernatural, or paranormal and because of this time to time a fellow writer or curious person will message me to prod my brain to help them or answer questions. I don’t mind at all! This is part of why I wanted to do this, maybe someone that doesn’t know they can message me or were nervous too can benefit from what I’ll be doing over at Buzzkill Mag.

Check out my Buzzkill Magazine page here.