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Maxwell’s Transformation

This month, Maxwell Demon is going to be under the Burning Willow Press’ umbrella.

What does this mean?

The book has gone through three phases of re-edits. The story has improved on this front. Obviously, the cover has changed, and I love it! I did do this work myself, there were/are some things that I’ve done, but this isn’t anything I wouldn’t have done on my own or handed down as a staffer from BWP.  I will re-state from the newsletter that is coming out asap. I was shown no favoritism in this process. I’m still very happy that BWP even accepted my manuscript, to begin with. I have been working for them for awhile now and know as a staff no one is shown special interest or favoritism above anyone else nor would I ever ask for it. The manuscript was read by staffers, like everyone else that submits, in that area of the company and was liked which helped calm my nerves as an author when submitting to a publisher. (Cause we all get them).

It boils down to you, the readers and fans, get a better product/book now. 🙂

Why now?

Maxwell Demon has been out two years already, going on three, and I felt it was time to boost this first publication of mine. A lot has changed for me over the years and Edd and Kindra Sowder have recognized the work I’ve done in my own right and on my own. I approached them and they loved the idea of not only signing one book, Maxwell but the series. On my own, I published out three books for The Blasphemer Series, Maxwell Demon, Harvest, and Dawn of Blasphemy a special edition produced just for the fans with content featured as bonus material voted on by you the fans in the L Bachman Fan group/Bachman’s Blasphemers on FB.

Price changes…

I am no longer in control of pricing on Maxwell Demon, but continue to control prices for Harvest until it releases which is set for 2019. December ran out and the new and improved Maxwell Demon is now in pre-order. Get it on Amazon.

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