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#Barncon Part 2

 I woke up in the middle of the night and did some posting on my laptop, social media, and caught up with my family and friends online. I struggled to sleep again and was very glad I had called Edd ahead of packing to check on the status of the hotel’s coffee. Least to say, my Valhalla Java from Deathwish has now been consumed in two states. Cup after cup and an article written later was handled and the day began again. This article was written and never submitted, I second thought it when I got home and figured it best not to submit it…too emotional etc. It still sits on the laptop untouched since Catoosa.

Breakfast with The Sowder was interesting, I could see Kindra was tired and Edd was awake, alive, and ready to go. He chatted with our waitress for some time, I invited her to the event, and then went back to talking business with Kindra catching up on what all we had missed since I was a rock on a bed. All that I was informed was nothing really compared to the buzz when we got to the venue. Everyone was gossiping and talking about what had happened. This is where most of the really bad stuff that came out later happened, that VIP party.

I saw nothing because I wasn’t there, but I heard a lot at the venue that was thick with tension. This is when I also spoke to a few of the others that were vendors and found out the hotel rooms were lost by all except by BWP staffers because we had paid for our own rooms and not let someone else handle it. I felt awful about everyone losing their rooms. It boiled down to bookings and communication. I kept to myself a lot when not chatting with other celebrities and the BWP owners and operators. I have already shared pictures where I got to meet James Duval, Santiago Cirilo, Mr. Miller, and Kindra. I did meet others, but I didn’t grab pictures with them, namely, Sid Haig, who we were informed had gotten food poisoning and I didn’t want to mess with him if he didn’t feel well.

I had some family come up and visit me, I introduced them to The Sowder clan and showed them around a bit. I only felt comfortable doing this at this moment because no guests had shown. I had seen some appear the day before, Friday, and leave. Saturday, this day, I saw no one appear. It was a bunch of vendors and those that came with them. I caught up with my family when I took breaks from my table time. My family left after they bought some things. The event was closed earlier than we all thought it would be.

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