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The Bishop Witches is a series that is designed to follow-up The Blasphemer Series. I wanted to continue the world, but not the series. The Blasphemer Series follows one set of stories and The Bishop Witches will follow another set of stories, but the world goes on in its own way. I knew I wanted to do something in the future of the world that would be post-apocalyptic. Something about a setback in the future really appeals to me, and this will happen in The Bishop Witches. This is something I set in stone and will work out to keep set in stone.

The Bishop Witches are an ancient bloodline rooted in the first grandmother and grandfather, Lilith and the Angel Maxziel…before Maxziel had fallen. There would be no reason for their bloodline to suddenly end at the end of The Blasphemer Series. It’ll be a “history repeating” situation. It’ll be Humans versus Cryptos and Cryptos versus Cryptos, but with a much-changed world. This world will be glimpsed at in Ghosts, as well, when Dante sees what can happen in the future if things continue along the path they are taking.

My stories are better grouped by worlds rather than series. This world has The Blasphemer Series and The Bishop Witches. Also in this world is Human Ouija, as well as a co-authorship with Kindra Sowder, which is after Human Ouija, but closer in the timeline to The Blasphemer Series. That’s if timelines are something you have to have as a reader.

Human Ouija—What’s In The Works & What’s Coming 2017

I published Human Ouija in February 2016. I placed it in a Blasphemer Branch Book series. This was a series in which I wanted to place the stories that individually talked about characters who briefly made an appearance in The Blasphemer Series.

I’ve had several people request I turn Human Ouija into a full-length novel. This was a surprise for me, as I didn’t consider this at the time of its writing, but thinking about it, I have considered doing that at some point. Besides the request for it to be much longer, I’ve also received questions about who the demon is, what happens afterward, and if the two main characters become a couple. These are all very good questions, and even I would like to find out the answers. I would like to know if Oscar ever moves on, and even whom the demon is that possesses him. These will definitely be things that will be addressed upon its novel conversion.

I planned on writing several stories, but I’m unsure of when those will come out. Announcements will be made in the official group on Facebook, Bachman’s Blasphemers, and on the website. I’m very excited about the stories that involve Maxwell and Adele. The book about Maxwell is told as if Adele, who’s the reincarnated form of Lilith, is reading his journals to their grandchildren. In the book about Lilith’s many past lives, readers will learn what she went through during them and what was witnessed by Maxwell on his failed attempts to save her. Maxwell did not reach her in every life she lived, so some stories have nothing to do with him at all.

I was encouraged to do these two books, both of which are in the process after so many comments and questions had been messaged and emailed about these subjects. I knew I wanted to add more to the story not covered in Maxwell Demon. At one point, I even did cover reveals for these two books. I’m sure they are still up and can be found online.

I have a co-authorship project with author Kindra Sowder called The Mephistopheles Chronicles: Ruination. This is the first book of several that we’ve talked about, but the number of books may be condensed, as often happens in this industry. This series has characters from our own works coming together. When we realized we were working on a similar timeline, we figured a crossing over could be easily achieved. Eshu, from Maxwell Demon, makes an appearance in Chasing Shadows, a work of Kindra’s own doing. She brings two of her own creations to the table to add with two of mine. One of these characters of mine, Billy, shows up in Ghosts.

I’ve begun promoting two works I’ll most likely publish in 2017. One is called Mercy, and the other is Necessary Evil. These two stories are standalone, in no way connected to The Blasphemer Series. Mercy is about a woman who goes home after her late relative passes. It is the home she grew up in, which is a house of many horrors and haunted afflictions. In the trailer, I mention that it’s inspired by real events, experiences many have dealt with in the realm of the paranormal. People’s names will never be revealed.

Necessary Evil is a story about a woman who is given an option to be a Pusher, a being who impacts universal outcomes to either aid the world or to go to hell while her soul still hovers in limbo. This is a book about why things happen the way they do and is a complete work of fiction.

Another story, The Key, is a work I plan on submitting to publishing houses. If none seem interested, I will go forward with publishing it myself.

I’ve also begun working on a pure vampire series. I’m excited about it. At this point, I honestly don’t know how many books it will be. I do have one in the works, with ideas for much more, but sometimes books get condensed down, so listing titles wouldn’t be helpful at this point. The vampires of this series are slightly different than the ones in The Blasphemer Series. The Vampires in Blasphemer have a “living” blood, which means the blood itself is a being. The ones of the upcoming vampire books are more traditional.

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