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The Joys of Living in an Old House

The quietness of the website and my social media pages are attributed to my recent move and chaos in my day-to-day. For those following my social media, mainly my Facebook, you know I spend my time now taking care of my mother ever since my father’s passing two years ago. That hand in hand with my child’s booming after school activities polished the trifecta of social media slowness and damn near death.

Luckily, with no help at all, my husband and I were able to purchase a house! This is exciting for all three of us. The home we ended up falling in love with is from 1952. Old wood flooring and history intact, this house has already proven the greatest inspiration for writing. Former residents have shared beautiful stories of its history from carving family members names and dates in the attic boards to story while the house was being renovated they found items from yesteryear. The items were returned to the walls before they finished the renovations so the items can remain where they belong. The more I spend time here the more I find something I love it.

I’m still trying to get used to the sounds of the old real wooden floors creaking because that’s what they do. At 2 am when the cat is exploring a half-awake me could swear it was a creeper only to find a little mousey cat giggling (not literally, but what it feels like).

I should be getting back to normal if not even better seeing as :drumroll: I have my own office now! I’ve already been told an office tour is to be expected. Not naming names, but it sounds similar to Smedd Smeowder. >.>




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