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Before I scoot off

Before I scoot off to take care of things around the house. I wanted to thank everyone here. This year has brought new changes for my family, all good things. Through all the stress and nerves we’ve persevered to greater things.

I wanted to take a moment to talk about last night. I recorded a new podcast with Kindra SowderEdd SowderKerry Alan DenneyMichael C. Schutz, and Jason White. It’s not published out yet, but I mention something I’ve not talked about yet. I will be taking a break from working for other authors to focus on myself.

I’m sure many of you have been wondering why I haven’t published more things out, beyond my slow writing. I should have more out, I know this. I have done so much for so many other authors that I finally have come to the point I want to focus on me. I will finish up the work I have for the rest of the year, but starting in 2019 it’s all about me getting back to my biggest love…writing.

I hope the others I’ve dedicated years to help will, in turn, show their support and help to me while I make a shift in my career by sharing my releases when I get them going. I only hope that BWP finds what I submit to them are up to the level they expect and that the readers enjoy what I have coming out. Not all titles I have planned will be with BWP because of the genres, but one of the works is a non-fiction.

The non-fiction work will be a mesh of my memories, struggles, and journaling. It’s going to be an inside look into my mind, my life, the abuse I’ve survived, and the closest thing to an autobiography I’ll release. This is a work I’ve been behind-the-scenes toiling on for years. Thanks to advice from Lawayne Orlando Childrey giving some time ago I’ve been able to focus my notes over time.

Write, release, and repeat!

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