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It’s come to my attention recently, that because I’ve not been highly active on FB that people are beginning to worry. I am alive and I am okay. I’ve had a lot going on in the past few weeks. Many of you know I began helping my mother more after my dad passed away a few years ago and before we were able to get her closer she’s been battling many health issues. My husband, my dear friend Deanna, and I have been helping her with these things for a long time now and though the news has changed on these issues, there’s still a battle ahead of her.
Along with all that I’ve started to do for, with, and on behalf of my mother I still have a son to raise. He’s had his own struggles and I’ve decided, along with my husband, to finally start homeschooling him. This has been a learning process for my entire family, especially myself as I’ll be his learning coach, as I’m the work from home parent in the house, and though there have been changes, that excitement for learning and school that I had once seen fade has sparked back alive in him.
I have also been working still, for my Bachman Design clients, my biggest client Burning Willow Press and many other work-related things. Though I am struggling a bit to find the balance, motivation, and the will I am managing.
When all of this really started to show its head, wearing on me, I spoke to the most important people in my business relationships, friendships, and family about what I was wanting to do and was supported greatly. I am still working, of course, but I am taking time here and there to spend more time with my family and friends. Deadlines are being met, though I’ve grown self-doubting time to time, and backed from posting here and there for peace of mind.
I have been active in other ways, responding to emails, texts, and phone calls when I get them as soon as I can. I have been liking, sharing, and other things in groups that many may not be aware of too as well. I have explained to many that during the summer vacation I simply slow down some. I have been in the independent publishing and writing business for many years now and we all struggle with the balance of work and family life, this is common for those outside of this field as well that simply work from home. I keep odd hours many days because I constantly deal with insomnia. (It’s just shy of 2 am right now.)
To sum everything up, I’m not dead, and I’m okay. If I do die you’ll know because my husband knows what to do. I.E. everyone that needs to know will know and any contracts will be handled appropriately through those that have a running business relationship with me.
I was cross-posted from my Facebook account, from my personal account and not my page though it may find its way there.
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