Matters of Faith Podcast

I got the opportunity to do a podcast, unlike anything I’ve done before. I wasn’t sure if I’d be allowed on Matters of Faith as it discusses religion from a traditional Christian point-of-view. I was hesitant, I must admit, but my curiosity got the better of me and I messaged Jay Wilburn to discuss his podcast, which I didn’t previously know he had. 
As many know I don’t come from a traditional background, it’s more common now that families be of different faiths, but growing up for me it wasn’t often that it happened. You were either all of one parent or all of another, one of the parents choosing the faith of the other. For my parents, they never chose one over the other nor did they raise me in one or the other. My father was raised strict Catholic and my mother raised Southern Baptist.
They gave me what I realized as an adult was exactly what I needed just didn’t realize I needed it at the time which was the freedom to discover who I was faith-wise. I go into this further in the podcast. I also go into how this religious studies ‘hobby’ I had gained helps me in my writing, how it worked to my advantage while developing early stages of The Blasphemer Series.  How it affected and became what The Blasphemer Series is also discussed.
I admit I did get nervous with some of the questions because I didn’t know what he’d ask me next, but I feel strongly that it turned out well.