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Latest Cover for Bryan Tann


The cover for “Unbreakable Mind: The John Baker Chronicles 2 (A Permutation Archives Division)” has been revealed! And pre-order is available too!
Pre-order link:

You just can’t keep a good man down. Especially when he has a Queen in his heart…

After a napalm explosion takes him to his most primordial base, his formidable powers must regenerate him from near nothing.

Now, with nothing left to lose John pulls himself back up following the devastating loss of one of his most trusted friends, he has vowed revenge against his creators. In doing so, John must also reunite Gaia Hunter — the sister of the enemy of the state, Mila Hunter — with the Fallen Paradigm; the rebel group dedicated to stopping President Emerson King at any cost.

Can John keep Gaia safe from outside forces? Can Gaia help him find his purpose? Will the Paradigm be able to accept him as a soldier and no longer an assassin? In this explosive sequel to Invincible Heart, John must ignore his self-doubt in where he fits in the world because…

…the time for WAR has come!

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