28 Days of Recommendations

I decided for the month of February that I would suggest some recommendations. Long ago I ate books. Over the years, this appetite has slowed down but is still there. It’s a common question in interviews, ‘What do you read?’ I’ve answered many things over my career, some the same answer sometimes changing it up, but always having something.

So all month long, for February, every day there will be a new recommendation for a book I’ve actually read. You might be surprised to see some of the items listed and probably some very common finds. What does a horror writer read? Anything like everyone else!

Another note on these posts, I tell a bit about how the book came into my world, sharing a personal story with every post. The covers I post…I tried very hard to find covers that are either the exact same of the copy I have or something similar. This begs the question, why not just take a picture of your own copy? I am not the best photographer, check any social media of mine, and I wanted something very clear for this blog project.

February is a month that also recognizes Women in Horror. I have in some shape or form participated in this for the past several years. This is another project I have done for this month.

Check out these two Women in Horror Month activities:

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Behind-the-Scenes: WIP

I once said that ‘poetry wasn’t much my thing’, but in truth, poetry was in my story before my stories were.

Before I was an award-winning artist and author, with so many nominations to count, I was just a girl scribbling in notebooks whatever popped into her head. I never thought much of my poetry was ‘any good’, but I thought the same thing of my stories before taking the plunge in the middle of the night.

Last year, I put an older poem of mine in Southern Fried Anthology instead of a story to see the response leave to horror author L. Bachman being also a poet. The response was good and so, having dug into my old notebooks and realizing on the margins of notebooks full of my ideas and small scribbles that usually end up developed into full stories I was doing poetry again.

I wanted to polish these and put out a collection of them. Some are feel good and some not so much. I did say in an interview last year I would be spending this year to focus on my writing and producing some works, as much as I could get published out, and so that is what I’m doing. I’m working on creating content for consumption by the masses. I hope others will enjoy, but at the end of the day, I enjoy it. It’s therapeutic in a different way for me than my novellas or novels.

Poetry was and I’m finding has always been a way for me to work out very painful things from my life, whether it’s the sibling abuse I endured as a child or everyday struggles with…well anything.