Playbuzz is back!

In 2016, I came across this site. I wanted to do something for fans and a quiz was created! Over the years, the quiz came and went as more or less a reminder [Oh hey, here’s the link for the quiz] and mostly went unnoticed. I decided now was the time it found a stable house to live and have created a link that will show you all the quizzes in one place.

You currently, can only find out which character from The Blasphemer Series you are. This quiz contained spoilers and previews of the series as some of the books are still in process of being created and at the time of its creation some characters hadn’t been talked about publically.

I have plans to make more quizzes of more books, monsters, and so much more. I enjoy finding out things from these silly quizzes and from my Facebook feed many people enjoy them as well!

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