28 DoBR: Life’s That Way by Jim Beaver

I’m a Supernatural fan…no I won’t tell if I’m Team Dean or Team Sam. That being said I knew I had seen ‘Bobby’ somewhere before, portrayed by actor Jim Beaver, so I did what everyone else does and began a search and that is how I found out he had wrote this book!

It’s a newsletter turned memoir of a heartbreaking true story of something Jim had gone through, watching his spouse dying of lung cancer. It is a tribute, in my eyes, to overcoming a saddening situation. I learned a lot about Jim Beaver I didn’t know before through this memoir and came out, in the end, having a newfound respect for him. I also got to ‘meet’ his wife through this read and let me say she’s one strong and courageous woman.


A remarkable memoir that shows the capacity of the human heart to heal after the challenge of having to say goodbye. 

Even the hardest lessons contain great gifts. 

Jim Beaver and his wife Cecily Adams appeared to have it all-following years of fertility treatments, they were finally parents and they were building their dream home and successful Hollywood careers. Life was good. But then their daughter, Maddie, was diagnosed as autistic. Weeks later, Cecily, a non-smoker, was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. Sadly, after 14 years of marriage, Jim became a widower and a single dad. 

Faced with overwhelming grief, Jim reached out to family and friends by writing a nightly email-a habit he established when Cecily was first diagnosed. Initially a cathartic exercise for Jim, the prose became an unforgettable journey for his readers. Life’s That Way is a compilation of those profound, compelling emails.