28 DoBR: Nocturnal by Wilder Poetry

I recently got this book, wanted to find some modern poetry, and here it is. I’ve got books on English poets and older works of poetry, but to see what was going on these days in the world of poetry I jumped into the deep end.

I learned about spoken word poetry and the poet Sarah Kay. This recommendation is not by Sarah Kay just explaining my journey to this beautiful work. As many of you know I work in graphic design often and I’m an artist so when I get the chance to find something that marries the two I get excited. This book is both of these things. It’s beautifully formatted and is a graphic sampler for the eyes.

I don’t know much of Wilder, but her work is beautiful as well as her Instagram account. She has a flow that bubbles from one platform over to others she really is a visual storyteller. I really could go on and on about this, but here check her Instagram out.


Nocturnal is a collection of words and imagery inspired by darkened skies and sleepless nights.
it is a journey of healing and self-discovery whether love stays or leaves. it is dreaming with your eyes wide open while the rest of the world is hiding.

and when they ask me,
are you afraid of the dark?
i will remind them that
there’s nothing to fear
when the night is a reason
we can see how honest
everything shines
while the rest of the world
is hiding.

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