Writer Imperfect?

I’ve been popping by Twitch here in the last few weeks. I go through fazes. I’m there watching art and gaming and next, I’m gone. I was told there was a new podcast/Twitch channel that focused on being creative, for writers, the industry of writing, and it featured actual authors, publishers, and even you guessed it…writers!Of course, I had to check this out. Here’s a list of reasons why you should be checking it out as well.

  • It’s new. Giving a new podcast or form of media like a Twitch channel is a really good way to connect live with others.
  • It deals with writing and things that go on within the writing/indie/self-pub community. This is great for those that are interested in this field or are currently in it!
  • You can ask questions and get answers! Sometimes we have questions we just can’t find answers for or while watching something we develop questions and want instant information, this provides just that.
  • Features persons from the writing industry. That’s right, not just writers. I’ve already seen publishers. I’m sure I’ll see all reaches of the industry the longer its on.
  • You could be on it or see someone you know! They have openings to be a guest. Find a date that is full? The perks of this and others like it being new or in the beginning is there’s always plenty of options for booking. I couldn’t find one for myself so I’ll have to wait, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see me down the road!

Here’s what they have to say about themselves:
Writer Imperfect will be launched in 2019 as an expansion of the #Author365 hashtag that Joshua Robertson began in 2018 in hopes of shining the spotlight on the vast talent and knowledge of other writers/creatives in the industry. Taking place up to three times per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), Joshua will be hosting a live broadcast on Twitch with writers to speak about the craft, the industry, and their own personal journeys. While some shows might have specialized topics, Writer Imperfect will be focusing more on natural conversation and interaction–which may prove to be as imperfect as the name suggests. It might also prove to be rich with content. You will have to tune in to find out!

Click here to go to the Twitch Channel

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