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A quick introduction, The Word is the new section where all my advice will be falling on my site. So many share their advice, but there seem to be so many more not finding it. Hopefully, my advice will help someone( as I have been told in the past it has). If it’s not been about my purging method it’s been my business experience in the field of independent/self-publishing that has helped someone. There is also an open invitation to others in the field to share their advice and experiences through guest posts that will fall under this category on the site as well.

I had planned on introducing this column in the future, but I’m seeing a need for at least a heads up sooner rather than later. Let me now take a moment to refresh the memories or enlightening some minds of who I am.

My name is actually Lynn Lesher, I write under the pen name L. Bachman, thus why Bachman or L. Bachman is all over the place. I’ve been in the independent literature industry for several years now. I began with graphics using the profits to pay for my editing costs, the one thing I refused to do professionally (the final edits before publishing occurs) for myself.

From the encouragement of an early graphics client, I began writing again, the book that came from this is titled The Blasphemer Series: Maxwell Demon and eventually made its way to publication. The work in graphics, mainly covers at this point, picked up and I have now worked with multiple authors. This work led to me being hired at the publishing house Burning Willow Press, LLC. This publishing house eventually picked up book one and book two of The Blasphemer Series. They even signed my bestselling horror short story Human Ouija.

Throughout all of this, I have managed to win an award for my short story Human Ouija. I’ve also been nominated numerous times for numerous fields I’ve applied my skills (graphics and writing mainly). Beyond any of the accolades I’ve gotten I’ve never stopped working in some fashion or form.

Just kidding, with all that I’ve gone through the least I could do is share what I’ve learned. Me helping writers and authors started long before I was ever in this arena. Hopefully, with this column, I’ll make a difference in the ‘green’ and the not so ‘green’ writers.

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