Day: February 6, 2019

What Did E.E.Cummings Do To Me?

Let me begin with introducing who E.E.Cummings is, first. Born on October 14, 1894, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, E.E.Cummings went on to become an innovative poet known for his lack of stylistic and structural conformity, as seen in volumes like Tulips and Chimneys and XLI Poems. After self-publishing for much of his career,

28 DoBR: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Series by Alvin Schwartz

I remember finding the first of this series in my school library and becoming completely freaked out by the cover. It wasn’t for years and years later I discovered the name of the artist. Even more of a twist I was even nominated for an award called the Ravenheart/Gammell Award,

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