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28 DoBR: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Series by Alvin Schwartz

I remember finding the first of this series in my school library and becoming completely freaked out by the cover. It wasn’t for years and years later I discovered the name of the artist. Even more of a twist I was even nominated for an award called the Ravenheart/Gammell Award, for a cover work I did myself for an author named Brian G. Murray. I didn’t win that award that year, but always found it so interesting how everything seems to find itself full-circle.

I credit another author’s work as being what really inspired me to start writing, but this was one of my earliest exposures of the horror genre, beautiful and dark cover work, and the depth of this industry. The stories were so well-done. I bought this for my own son, but so how…by magic perhaps it found itself in my personal collection and not in his shelves. lol


Harper Trophy Trade Paperback with 100 pages. Very scary black & white drawing by Stephen Gammell. – Is it possible to die and not know it? What happens when someone is buried, but isn’t really dead? Here are over two dozen scary stories. Some are funny, some macabre, and some just plain spooky! All of them are perfect for telling aloud in the dark or for reading alone…IF YOU DARE! BOO!

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