28 DoBR: Cherokee Plants: Their Uses– A 400 Year History by Paul B. Hamel

Some of the books I have a for more than research or some childhood connection. This is one of the books I purchased because of a familial reason. I married into a wonderful family with a rich heritage of Native Americans. I have learned a lot about Native Americans and their many cultures across the board.

This book became a must have on my journey to learning more about the history and importance of the plants that had been used. It’s taught me a lot about things I had never known before, like the many uses of so many plants that I had overlooked before. This focuses on the plants used by the Cherokee, which became specifically my interest as I live in the S.E./Southern area of the US.


Over 400 plants are listed along with their traditional uses; an explanation of the spiritual relationship of the Cherokee people with their environment; material drawn from conversations with North Carolina Cherokee elders.