28 DoBR: The Encyclopedia of Angels by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Less than a handful of years ago, I began doing some ‘brush up’ research for my series The Blasphemer Series. For those unaware, this is my series about Heaven, Hell, Angels, Demons, reincarnation, and redemption. I had begun developing some of the characters, like Dante Angeloft, when I was still young. Though I had done a lot of religious studies in my time I wanted to make sure the information I knew was accurate and still up-to-date.

This book is one of the few that I bought on my Kindle device that I ultimately had to buy in paperback. It was and still one of my favorite ‘reference books’. I have many encyclopedias in a similar vein, like on vampires, ghosts, and witchcraft, but this one has become one of my most important and most cherished.

I wanted it for the angels, but never thought it would cover the ‘fallen angels’. Though one would assume, I didn’t. I had come across far too many about angels that left them out entirely focusing on the angelic, not the demonic/fallen. This book is also one of the few I’ve verbally recommended to friends and family as well as to other writers. It’s probably one of the most recommended books I own.


An A-Z guide to angels of all kinds, the second edition of this title provides a reference to the origins, natures, functions, and manifestations of angels. Entries cover topics such as angelologies, individual angels, the importance of angels in major world religions, and encounters with angels.

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