Types of Authors/Writers You May Meet (satire)

As you network you will no doubt run into different types of writers, hopefully. There is a wide and beautiful range of writers/authors and we’re all different. This list is satire but rooted in very real personalities that even I’ve come across in my career.

The Plagiarist – Yes, it happens and yes it happens more than you think. We only really become aware of it when someone comes across a book that feels a little too familiar and for good reason. Then it explodes all over Facebook and news media.

The Elitist – They feel they do the best, can never be wrong, and often will put down others work to boost their own as better work. In my experience of dealing with this type of writer they also often don’t have much under their belt as published if they even do at all.

The ‘I Dream of Jeanie’ – They write in a genre that holds nothing for them, they just write in it because it was just easier for them to write in it. They often dream of writing in something different, but they cannot come up with anything to write there or find it simply just ‘too hard’. (For example, Sci-fi author wannabe writing in a romance or vice versa. This is not the same as those that have big hopes and dreams. We all have ambition and dreams.)

The Delusional – I’ve come across a few of these guys. They often say they’re better than -insert famous author(s)-. They will often compare themselves to bigger more successful writers/authors. Often they also haven’t finished anything or have one or two books self-published.

The Workaholic – Constantly writing, constantly meeting those deadlines or getting them done ahead of time. This isn’t bad at all. It only becomes bad if it’s interrupting their lives, as in neglecting children, commitments, or even day jobs.

The Editor – Some writers/authors are editors for others that is completely fine and often common. The Editor types I’m talking about are the ones that will publish out works that are self-edited never professionally edit. They will offer to edit your work for free or cheap and have no credentials to do so. You will get your work back with huge changes where they’ve rewritten your work completely, entire chapters in some cases, and you don’t recognize the manuscript you gave them.

The Fame Hungry – This type of writer/author is only publishing because they want instant fame and riches. Often met before they’ve ever published or with very few titles to their name. They got into the business for all the wrong reasons. They will go about things in all the ways, not because they are uneducated, but more along the lines of not caring. The myth ‘writing is easy’ is tattooed all over them. The Fame Hungry may even go as far as becoming The Plagiarist trying to make money and gain notoriety.

The Workshopper – This type of writer can be successfully published. If they’re successful then it’s not a bad idea to take a workshop they’re holding. The other is the not successfully published wanting to make a quick buck since royalties are lacking. They will charge a lot for very minor advice, very common sense material. Want to take some advice from author/writer,? Check their credentials and if you feel its worth it then go for it. It might actually help you.

Can you think of any more types of writers/authors? Have you run into any of these types?

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