How You Can Help Your Favorite Author

It’s pretty easy how to help. Here’s a quick list of things you can do to show your support and help your favorite self-published, hybrid, or indie author. You don’t have to do all of them or any of them, but here are some good ideas on where to start!

  • Buy their work
  • Share their social media posts
  • Tell your friends and family
  • Start a reddit thread
  • Join their fan group
  • Like their page
  • Follow their social media
  • Review whatever you’ve read from them
  • Appear at signings or convention appearances
  • You could always ask if they need any kind of help
  • Share a release post/image
  • Join their street team if they have one
  • Create some fan art
  • Take pictures of your collection, your favorite work, or anything you’ve done tagging them when you do
  • If you’re inclined to do so donate to their Patreon, Twitch, or official pages

28 DoBR: Wicked – Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory MacGuire

This is another first of a trilogy book collection I will recommend today. I have only read this book of the three, but have had plans to buy and read the other two for some time now. I bought this more for my husband, who also enjoyed it, but eventually, I found myself curious after he told me how interesting it was. On many levels, this book interested me, the storytelling and how it pulled on my heartstrings. It was more adult than I was expecting when going in, my husband hadn’t mentioned anything about the details of how truly adult it could be, but if you can push past all of that it’s a very good story.

I found it to be very realistic with the way this world is created. For example, it covers politics and family dynamics set in the Emerald City. I know it was shipped as a companion or a book-version of the Broadway show Wicked, but I’ve never seen that so I cannot compare the two.


This is the book that started it all! The basis for the smash hit Tony Award-winning Broadway musical, Gregory Maguire’s breathtaking New York Times bestseller Wicked views the land of Oz, its inhabitants, its Wizard, and the Emerald City, through a darker and greener (not rosier) lens. Brilliantly inventive, Wicked offers us a radical new evaluation of one of the most feared and hated characters in all of literature: the much maligned Wicked Witch of the West who, as Maguire tells us, wasn’t nearly as Wicked as we imagined.