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How You Can Help Your Favorite Author

It’s pretty easy how to help. Here’s a quick list of things you can do to show your support and help your favorite self-published, hybrid, or indie author. You don’t have to do all of them or any of them, but here are some good ideas on where to start!

  • Buy their work
  • Share their social media posts
  • Tell your friends and family
  • Start a reddit thread
  • Join their fan group
  • Like their page
  • Follow their social media
  • Review whatever you’ve read from them
  • Appear at signings or convention appearances
  • You could always ask if they need any kind of help
  • Share a release post/image
  • Join their street team if they have one
  • Create some fan art
  • Take pictures of your collection, your favorite work, or anything you’ve done tagging them when you do
  • If you’re inclined to do so donate to their Patreon, Twitch, or official pages

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