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I’ve only been published since 2014. I had submitted my very first short story and didn’t know if I was good enough to make the cut. I was happily surprised to find it was accepted. When it was published I was giddy, completely in awe at seeing my name on Amazon. I figured if I could get one accepted, why not another?

Now to date I currently have 24 short stories that have been published in various anthologies, and I have four more that are scheduled to be published in the next couple months. I also self-published a novella, which is now also on Audible, and wrote a novel that was published. A collection of my short stories will be published this spring and keep writing stories all the time. In fact, I created a short story zombie series and I’m up to the third one right now. I’m self-publishing that one as well. I get rejections on my stories all the time but I don’t worry about it anymore. I have to admit the first couple rejection letters were hard; I felt like a failure. But every single one of those rejected stories have been accepted somewhere else; their new homes. Just think of rejections as stepping stones. Smash those puppies out with your shoes, and keep climbing upwards! Keep on submitting. Never, ever give up.

I have dreamed of being a writer since I was a child but I was almost fifty years old before I did anything about it. Do it now! Just do it! Make your dreams happen. It won’t happen overnight but it’s better than thinking about and then wishing and wondering, could you have?

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