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My Teen Challenges You the Writers

Last night, my kid and I were talking about my website and content ideas I’ve been having lately. He then suggested what is now becoming this post. He wanted to send a challenge to all writers. Understanding what a prompt is he decided to go that route for his challenge. Below are three!

  1. Write from the perspective of a tree. Every ring of the tree is a lifetime. Your challenge here isn’t just to write from the perspective of a tree, but to write about each lifetime. Are you a young tree or a very old one? What have you seen while you have been here? What did you see as a seedling until now?
  2. Life of a cat. With some many abandoned animals in the world and so many in need your challenge is to write something dramatic and serious. What can you write about the life of a cat. Where you a street cat that was saved? Were you caught up in medical testing? Where you a posh-living kitty that was abandoned one day?
  3. Write about a fallen angel. This can be first or third person. Why did the angel fall? Was it an epic battle? You don’t necessarily have to have them fall to Hell, but they could’ve fallen to Earth instead. Were they once a guardian angel?

There they are. The challenges to all writers my son has given. Think you’re up for it? Think you can come up with something for his challenge?

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