Tobias Toebeans

I’ve become aware that some of you readers here follow me on Instagram and on Facebook. I thought I’d give a little update here.

This beautiful little ginger is named Tobias Toebeans. He is a rescue my family adopted from the streets. We’ve had him for a long time now and recently got him all his shots and neutered. I wanted to do this post for those that may not have seen it on my Instagram or even his!

He is recovering well and we have jokingly nicknamed him Toby Nobeans. Check out his Instagram to see both him and my other rescue, though she appears less often. Her name is Mouse.

Mouse was adopted. We didn’t know much about her, but upon getting both kitties their updated shots we were given her information. She was found on the street and the picture of Little Mouse was absolutely heartbreaking. She looked starved and like a drowned rat. Her picture shows how much she’s improved over the years. She, in the picture here, was the night before we moved. She was ready to get to the new house, obviously.

Tobias, joined our family several months after we moved in. He was this scrawny little flip-eared kitten running and meowing after a family walking up the street and being ignored.

Want to see more about my animals? Let me know below!

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