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I have a small group of friends and family that I’m close to. I prefer it this way. Many of them have seen me grow-up, grow as a person, and change. I thought it’d be interesting to see how one of them felt now that I’m a professional writer and published author and my life has changed even more so. This person is my oldest friend named DD for short. I asked her a series of questions and she answered honestly to every one of them.

Before she answered any of the following questions I asked she be honest and keep in mind she’s going to have people reading the answers. She’s never been interviewed like this before so I wanted her to get a taste of what I and many have gone through many times upon being interviewed for various things. I also told her to not hold back, be honest, even if it may hurt my feelings or be shocking.

How did we meet?

Early high school/late middle school at a former friend’s house.

First impressions of me were?

That you were smart, very quiet, and very interesting.

What do you see me doing in 5 years?

Being more successful. Probably even one of the books being made into a movie.

You’re in a position to know some juicy gossip about L. Bachman, the pen name for Lynn Lesher, what’s one thing that the public may not know about me?

That you’re incredibly funny with a wild sense of humor and very loud. Very distinctive with her way of expressions. Knowledge is wide-ranging. Nothing really juicy here. I’m pretty boring tbh.

Are there any struggles you see me facing or things I’m struggling with the public may not know?

You struggle with socialization.

What are you wishes for your long time friend, me?

To be acknowledged for how great your work is and appreciated.

What are some assumptions the public may have of me that are simply not true?

You get stereotyped because of the genre you write in most, horror, as a dark creepy person, but you’re actually generous and very kind.

What do you think I should work on most?

Being more outgoing publicly.

I’m a pretty private person, did you ever expect me to let you be so open about me like this?

Yes and no.

One fun fact that you would know about me that the public may find interesting/weird/or unique?

That you were a huge Backstreet Boys fan back in the day. This is true. I use to have posters all over my walls that were beginning to take over my ceilings. In fact, I had my favorite pictures from magazines hanging from my ceilings. I had the fever bad. lol.

So there it is, an interview of one of my oldest and closest friends. I hope this enlightened some of you that either know me as Lynn, before the publishing when I just talked about writing and art, or L. Bachman the published author, artist, and poet.

At some point between my teen years and adulthood I stopped being so quiet. Even my husband had noticed this change in me who had dated me when quiet and when not quiet. I still don’t know what changed other than growing up.

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