Some of my favorite modern artists (dark, whimsy, and surreal)

I’m constantly on my Instagram. It wasn’t always like this, but with a beautiful gift of a phone upgrade I have been able to discover a whole new world I never knew about that introduced me to so many wonderful artists! Now, these artists’ styles may not suit you, but I absolutely love them. I have been able to follow all of these artists better with Instagram, but a few were not discovered there.

I, sadly, will not be sharing their art here for copyright reasons, but definitely check them out. I did do my best to describe their style though.

Mary Doodles

This artist was one of the ones I did discover first on Youtube, but after joining Instagram I was able to see her work more often. Check out her website. She has a dark whimsy that I love. I have attempted many of her tutorials on her Youtube channel. This artist has inspired me so much in the art-creating realm. She was there, though she doesn’t know it, when I needed to try something new. Check out her Instagram account. It’s hard to narrow down which of their work is my favorite. I do love what she has done featuring Stranger Things.

Brian Serway

I can’t remember the day/night, but I came across a beautiful artwork of a celestial image of an animal. I didn’t know the artist and still haven’t found them, but while flipping through Instagram I discovered Brian Serway. He does some of the most beautiful dark/night celestial animals and scenes. Check out his website or his Instagram account.

Felix Dolah

This artist’s style is hard to describe. There’s something about the long-legged people they create that has me super interested in their work. It’s not often that I can’t figure out why I like someone beyond them being eye-catching and beautiful creators. This person is a mystery to me. I have noticed their art has become popular tattoos. Maybe I’ll find one to get for myself. I found them originally on Instagram, you can find them at their Instagram account and find some of their work at Nadia Arnold, an online gallery. There you can see some of my favorite works called ‘flies in a head‘, ‘Fighting moods‘, and ‘Reigny day‘. I also love their work featuring plague doctors. I have a soft spot for those.

Daniele Serra

Some of the things, as a graphic artist, I end up being apart of on Facebook is groups. People sharing their favorite artists, recommending, and people trying to get some work for themselves. At one point, Clive Barker, put out a contest looking for an artist for the cover of a book and it popped up in one of the groups I’m in. I’m a fan of Barker’s work and kept up with this eventually the winner was announced and that is when I was introduced to this artist. I eventually found them on Instagram and their website. Their work has a dark style to it, but it’s just so beautiful. I eventually learned he had done work for Stephen King. I eventually found videos of him working and even a small interview. I highly recommend checking them out, all their work.


Like Brian Serway, this art has done some celestial animal images, but though their celestial animals are beautiful, my favorite images that they have created aren’t those, but their detailed monsters. Some of their work has even been featured on Anchorage Brewing Company ‘s products. I found them on Instagram so check them out, then discovered their website, and found them on Facebook. I recommend giving them a gander.