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Story Time: Information about Story Time (because I probably should’ve said it at the announcement but forgot)

At the announcement of this series, Story Time, I mentioned that I was going to be talking about parts of my life. Mainly, the parts that don’t involve writing or me sharing my lessons in the form of advice. I believe it’s important to connect with my audience. It is important for readers of my work to know more about me and I thought this would be one of the best ways I could do that. I need content for my website as well, so it was win-win.

For those of you that have been following me you have probably become aware of me mentioning a memoir talking about my sibling abuse. I’ve also mentioned in the past my abusive childhood. Story Time will not be talking about these subjects in detail. I think it is important for me to share my stories on that, but that is why I’m writing a memoir talking about those things instead of on my website in this way. I am struggling with writing the memoir. I will be talking about my struggles in writing that separately as well.

Story Time is meant to be light-hearted for the most part. Sometimes it will be serious as I talk about things that are sad and not so carefree (I cannot share a happy memory of say 9/11 when I don’t have one). One thing that many that have not met me will not know is I do have a huge sense of humor (mostly sarcastic, but that still counts dang it!).

It’s one of the ways I use this to cope with things or break tension in a moment that is making me or another uncomfortable. I’ve always been this way. I rather make someone laugh than break their heart (unless it’s in a story like with my series called The Blasphemer Series). It’s also a way I stay optimistic, which I am most of my time awake.

I am genuinely unsure of what the visitors of my site are feeling. As of right now not many of you are commenting giving me feedback so I just hope it’s all being well received. I’m not going to crumble if someone doesn’t comment either. I’ve not survived in my career this long just to buckle at silence. I know a lot of people are coming here to check things out, thank you for that! Thank you as well for those that have commented and interacted with me through that section.

There are some aspects of my life I am simply not comfortable sharing and most likely won’t. I will come as close as my comfort level will allow in sharing myself, my life, and all of that. I do hope this clears up any confusion and sheds some light on what this series is suppose to be or at least my intentions for it.

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