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We are the echoes of The Boomer Generation. We are the largest generation to come since The Boomers as well with some of us graduating college while the youngest of us were still teenagers, nearly 80 million of us according to CBS News in 2004 (check out their article: The Echo Boomers). I didn’t know myself or my generation as ‘Echo Boomers’, I knew us as Generation Y, the ‘why not’ generation’ or even the ‘what the fuck’ generation. This is what I recognize us as now. Quick shout out to those that of us that grew up also knowing yourself a ‘Degeneration X’, not to be confused with the wrestling team called D-Generation X. Echo Boomer sounds so smooth to me, sleek, or even a polished version of our parents.

In my adult years, we also became known as ‘millennials’. It seems even then we haven’t all been properly pinned down as that with it being broken into ‘elder millennial’ and ‘younger millennial’. I’ve never heard of any other generation having so many labels slapped on it. I’ve come to learn of even more nicknames after reading an article called Echo Boomer from the website called World Wide Words.

There is another label that confuses me and that is the micro-generation label ‘Xennials’, it’s an overlapping title. I understand what the definition explains, but the dates for when this sub-genre of the generation begins, and ends is unclear. Let me show you why this is confusing me. Article Are you a Xennial? How to tell if you’re the microgeneration between Gen X and Millennial on USA Today says the dates are 1977 and 1983 but this article by Business Insider titled There’s a term for people born in the early 80’s who don’t feel like a millennial or Gen Xer says the dates fall 1977 and 1985. I’m a 1985 baby, so am I this or am I not? Are those of us born in 1985 ‘Echo Cuspers’ or perhaps the label should be ‘babies born smack in the middle of the 80s’?

If you’re reading this and know what the exact dates are please comment below.

I’m sure my child’s generation will eventually be called ‘Echo Millennial’ at some point instead of simply Generation Z. I must ask him down the road when he and his generation comes of age since he’s a child of a Generation Xer and an ‘Elder Millennial’, how it is for him. I’m sure he’ll just roll his eyes and yell, “Dad, Mom’s being weird again!”

I can remember even thinking and feeling more of a Generation Xer because of how I grew up (still feel that way), but nope that doesn’t matter, apparently! It takes someone I don’t even know to tell me what I am. Which is so ironic. Before anyone says anything, yes, it’s appropriate my fellow 90s kids to suddenly hear Alanis Morissette mentally right now even though the song is a list of unfortunate things and not ironic. Let me help check out the video Alanis Morissette’s song Ironic.

I drank Orbitz and Ecto Coolers. I played in the dirt and went outside. Ren and Stimpy was my jam along with Fraggle Rock, Kids Incorporated, Pete and Pete, All That, Kenan and Kel, Kablam!, You Can’t Do That on Television, Clarissa Explains It All, Hey Dude, Rocko’s Modern Life, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Wild & Crazy Kids, and Tiny Toons.

I took a computer class in the 5th grade and can remember my teacher telling me ‘it was the future’ and me rolling my eyes. I can remember the first time I heard about the internet. It was at a library while I lived in Iowa. The librarian said, “it wasn’t for the public.” Which just made me more curious when I found computers in the public area that were already connected to the internet for users just before we moved back to Alabama merely weeks after the librarian had told me it wasn’t for the public.

Years later, I heard for the first time the migraine inducing sound that is the dial-up noise when my father got online for the first time. I also remember finding it so weird when the first teenager in my high school had a cellphone. It made no sense to me. Why did they even need it? There was a phone in the office at school. The only people they would’ve had to call from school was a parent or sibling to come get them if they had to leave campus.

They say Generation Xers are mostly depressed with Millennials being bubbly. I am both things which causes me to just feel bad for my spouse who is a Generation Xer who has often said, “You’re too awake right now for me” and “what’s wrong?”

In conclusion, I will leave a list of final thoughts.

  • I don’t know what to call myself or my generation anymore; we are just people.
  • My 5th grade computer teacher was psychic.
  • As an adult, I realized Ren and Stimpy was adult on many levels and I don’t let my child watch it. I do still enjoy it when he’s not around. Yes, I’m aware that makes me a hypocrite on some level.
  • My child saying, “Dad, Mom’s being weird again!” Is common. I’m a writer and published fiction author. Those that do both jobs can be some ‘weirdos’ often. How could we not be spitting off random facts mixed with jokes that don’t sound like jokes about characters we’ve created ‘not doing what they’re supposed to’?
  • And I’m not ashamed to take this moment to shout out my horror dark fantasy fiction series The Blasphemer Series with the first two books (Maxwell Demon and Harvest) on Amazon right now! Go to my Amazon page.

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