You’re Invited to an Exclusive @ The Raven Podcast with Jason LaVelle

In the furthering of All of my Every Things progressing you’re invited to a podcast hosted by Jason LaVelle! He will be reading an exclusive poem from the upcoming work that has not been released yet called Passages. He will be reading other poetry from other poets as well in this podcast.

The theme for this podcast is strength. So this poem of all of them fit best for him to read during this event. This poem, Passages, and some of the other poems in All of my Every Things were inspired by strength, strength of will, and overcoming the darkness.

This event is only on The Raven Facebook page. Saturday May 25th, 2019 at 7pm central 8pm est. This is going to be live!

Go to the event!

Update: All of my Every Things – The Process Continues w/Questions Answered

I have recently consulted someone in the industry about branding for this book. This is nothing new, especially when an author, myself in this case, is going into a project that is breaking new ground for them. I announced a cover already, poetry section breakdown, and all of that, but as I dig through poems I love some of them aren’t fitting with the pre-constructed formats so things are changing.

I wanted to share the journey of this project with everyone. Though I’ve shared some I haven’t shared some of the other details that take part during the process of creating a book. In my case, often times actually, when I’m still working on something I’m already figuring out the details. The imagery, the branding, a message if there is any, and all of that. It helps keeps me inspired and motivated. I also start booking media outlets to promote the work.

This part of the process is marketing and usually happens months before a release. It’s been going on for months. It’s given me time to also work on the final touches, add anything else, or change things. Often this background noise isn’t shared with the public. You, the public, usually see the final product and not the months of preparations or the mountains of drafts, paperwork, and all of that important stuff.

I should’ve done this sooner, before releasing things out, but I let my excitement for the projects misled me a touch. I also wasn’t sure who to contact or whom to talk to until more recently for more help.

I am sure some have questions, some have asked me things as well. So what happens now? First, I drink from my cup of cinnamon coffee because it’s 2:00 am and the insomnia is strong tonight. Second, I continue with the breakdown of changes and quick updates.

  • Cover possibly being changed one more time. The cover may be too heavy graphically and not focusing on the words. Which is something I want. I have to step back and re-evaluate the look instead of going with something pretty I must stick to my message, which is the words hold meaning. My words in this work are personal, emotional, and dark.
  • Formatting will be tweaked. It’s going to be adjusted to include more than four subcategory sections that divide the works in the collection.
  • Additional poetry will be added. The ones that wouldn’t have fit before because of formatting.
  • A narrowed down time of release has happened. This work will be published August 2019.
  • Arcs will be going out during the summertime for pre-reactions.

The Struggles with My Memoir and Learning to Heal Again

Writing my memoir has become one of the hardest things I’ve attempted in all my career. I do like a challenge, that is why some of the short story submissions that have been published have been out of my comfort zone, but that’s all fiction. Writing non-fiction for me has become a new level of difficult and I know why. It’s always been easy for me to make up worlds and situations with my characters to be placed but talking about my life hasn’t always been easy. Even those that know me offline can tell you I keep my circle of friends very small. I don’t open to just anyone.

Part of me trying to get over my introverted nature and quietness about myself is me posting the Story Time series. I can talk about my experiences in writing and sharing advice that may help, that’s non-fiction, but that isn’t quite the same as what I’m taking on while writing my memoirs. So here I sit in a struggle. The one of me surviving abuse has been the hardest. It’s been worked on over the years. It’s hard because it’s so personal. One it’s published all that buy it will know all my worries, my struggles, and pass their judgements upon me, my life, my loved ones, and my situations.

I worry about the feedback before it’s even finished and that adds to my struggle. I have had to learn to re-heal from what I went through unaware that it would be a journey that would open wounds I thought I had healed and scarred over. It’s been hard. I even went into therapy to help myself cope with the nightmares, the trigger dreaming, and the way my body handled the things I thought I had recovered from. It’s raw emotionally for me to write about what I am, but I continue because I feel its so important to share my story. I am not alone, sadly, in this type of abuse and surviving it, but it’s the not being alone and surviving that fuels my need to publish this out.

Through the journey I want to get this memoir out. As of what has been occurring, I am not sure when this will come out. I have high hopes the end of the year. I do not know many publishes or even editors that will take up the challenge of a memoir much less one on this type of subject matter.

The Word: 5 Things You May Experience Over Time

You’re published, you’ve been making the convention rounds, and things have started to change. Many fellow writers have made social media comments about family and friends treating them differently. Some have shared surprising family and friends support, which I have been lucky to have as well, but many have shared the negative. Something I have also experienced. If you haven’t experienced any changes or haven’t noticed yet, this article is for you. It is to give you a heads up of what may happen as you progress in your career.

You will start experiencing negative feedback. This will come in many forms, but the main one is that you don’t have a real job or that someone doesn’t like your work and offering advice, especially when they have not taken part in this line of work.  Much of the negative you may experience falls into myths and stereotyping us indies by those that are not. I wrote an article called The Word: Mythbusting – Stereotypes and Misconceptions of Self-pubbing and independent pubbing that covered many misconceptions about being self-published, independently published, or even being a hybrid.

You may even experience name-dropping. From what I’ve read some have experienced the unwanted use of their name from others trying to gain something in the favor. It must be nice to be one of those not helping but wanting to benefit from your work, right? You put in months or even years on building yourself up just for someone that may or may not know you to try and use your name.

The above one can sometimes even stir worries within yourself. Who really are your friends? Are they only your friend to try and gain something? This will be a change that may begin, so keep aware of who you keep the company with.

Being approached. It happens, it can be nice. People wanting to work with you more is always wonderful, but you must be cautious. Sometimes they’re not the type of people you want your name connected to. On the other hand, fans approaching is always nice. Meeting someone who loves your work can be a moral boost if it’s a positive interaction.

Sales Fluctuation. It goes up and it goes down. It happens to everyone. Just like with reviews you’ll get some good ones and you’ll get some bad ones. You cannot please everyone with your work. Remember even the greatest writers couldn’t please everyone or even was denied publication several times.

Have you experienced any of these? Let me know!

Check it out: BvF #1: Girl, Interrupted

As you know, I did my own post here called The Most Satisfying Read on my website. I just had to share my thoughts on the book. There were many differences, but the ones I noticed I wanted to post a comparison, but held back on doing that here as I had seen a fellow writer had a specific book version movie category on their website. I was welcomed to post as a guest on James Master’s website on this subject.

Over at James Master’s website The Writer’s Apocalypse you will find a the guest post called BvF #1: Girl, Interrupted. I hope you find it entertaining.

Let us know what you think. Did you notice things I didn’t? Like me guest posting over on his website? The comments are where to do that!