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I know it’s unusual for me to not post very much. I’m a daily poster who seemingly poof-ed on doing this. This wasn’t my intention. For those that know or are about to know if you didn’t, my day-to-day can come and hit me randomly. My mother has been sick. If you follow me on Facebook you saw me talk about what happened. My mother came very close to passing away recently. She is doing fine now, but this scared all of us.

I had decided to back off of social media and the computer to give myself a break and during this is when this scare happened. So, I gave myself more time away from the computer to do what was needed to do. I wanted to post here so everyone that is following me and the website were in the know of what happened to the posting dropping off, the activity seemingly fading, and that I’m going to slowly get back to posting like I was. I have some things planned for the coming year.

These things include the release of the poetry book, a couple more events, more to Story Time. That’s just a few things as of right now. I am a mother and summer is fast approaching and my kiddo will be running around so that will slow some things, but not much as he’s become far more independent, active, and moody (teenagers…).With all of that my mother will be moving in with us here at the abode.

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