Update: All of my Every Things – The Process Continues w/Questions Answered

I have recently consulted someone in the industry about branding for this book. This is nothing new, especially when an author, myself in this case, is going into a project that is breaking new ground for them. I announced a cover already, poetry section breakdown, and all of that, but as I dig through poems I love some of them aren’t fitting with the pre-constructed formats so things are changing.

I wanted to share the journey of this project with everyone. Though I’ve shared some I haven’t shared some of the other details that take part during the process of creating a book. In my case, often times actually, when I’m still working on something I’m already figuring out the details. The imagery, the branding, a message if there is any, and all of that. It helps keeps me inspired and motivated. I also start booking media outlets to promote the work.

This part of the process is marketing and usually happens months before a release. It’s been going on for months. It’s given me time to also work on the final touches, add anything else, or change things. Often this background noise isn’t shared with the public. You, the public, usually see the final product and not the months of preparations or the mountains of drafts, paperwork, and all of that important stuff.

I should’ve done this sooner, before releasing things out, but I let my excitement for the projects misled me a touch. I also wasn’t sure who to contact or whom to talk to until more recently for more help.

I am sure some have questions, some have asked me things as well. So what happens now? First, I drink from my cup of cinnamon coffee because it’s 2:00 am and the insomnia is strong tonight. Second, I continue with the breakdown of changes and quick updates.

  • Cover possibly being changed one more time. The cover may be too heavy graphically and not focusing on the words. Which is something I want. I have to step back and re-evaluate the look instead of going with something pretty I must stick to my message, which is the words hold meaning. My words in this work are personal, emotional, and dark.
  • Formatting will be tweaked. It’s going to be adjusted to include more than four subcategory sections that divide the works in the collection.
  • Additional poetry will be added. The ones that wouldn’t have fit before because of formatting.
  • A narrowed down time of release has happened. This work will be published August 2019.
  • Arcs will be going out during the summertime for pre-reactions.