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My Writer’s Manifesto

Recently, I came across a post from www.ebookandpod.com about A Writer’s Manifesto and became inspired. I highly recommend everyone read it, not just writers and published authors.

It reignited me after a few days of feeling down and doubting myself, possibly even quitting the industry altogether. I had, a few days ago, began staring at my screen with my head down trying to get those words typed, get those scenes written, and that formatting handled.

Small detour into my past year

I experienced a complete burnout last year. It was bad, it effected my graphic work and I didn’t realize my burnout was beginning, that I had moved into a deeper part of it, or that I growing resentful and miserable. When I began stepping back the weight was lifted and it was almost instantly my work level changed, it improved back to what my name had grown to be and my clients expected of me. I still wasn’t writing much though and that greatly bothered me.

Back to our scheduled post

This year is to be my year off, but honestly it’s my year of refocus on myself, my goals, and the things I’ve missed doing most writing and producing my own work. I still wasn’t looking around at the environment I had created, just muscling through getting things done I hadn’t.

Knowing that manifesto is meant to be highly personal I wrote it in my notebook but being inspired I have typed it word for word for this post. Mine does look a bit different than the post at the above link on ebookandpod.com, but again this is an individual practice.

My manifesto is as follows

In my life I have always been a very open and honest person because of this I will carry this over into my work. I will continue to be honest and transparent for my supporters, co-workers, clients, readers, and fans.

I will continue to filter myself professionally, when to let things go, and when to stand-up for myself.

As in my life, I will remain positive and optimistic most of all when I am feeling down about the direction, I am moving in. Through these things I will always find something humorous to laugh about to brighten my day.

My art matters, to me. I will continue to do it no matter the outcome and take away another may have. Whether my art is created in a written form, digital, or upon a canvas. I vow to always create while I still am to.

I promise myself to improve on my craft at any available moments.

I am unsure if I am inspiring others, but I will continue moving forward hoping that someone somewhere is aware they’re not alone. I will continue to be open as possible about my life knowing that my soul will connect to another’s in my sharing. Even if for a moment another doesn’t feel alone.

I will continue to be charitable, not for recognition, but because I know it’s the right thing for me to do.

I will continue to live by my life motto, life as you climb. If for no other reason than to be there when someone may need it. I know what it’s like to need someone and have no one there.

I promise myself if I come across something, I want to submit to not to hesitate and miss out on an opportunity. I will no longer allow myself to be left behind.

Continuing with this exercise

I followed the ‘Hot to create your manifesto’ only after I had begun writing the above. I wrote down writers that inspire me and why.

I wrote Anne Rice. I chose Mrs. Rice because of her class. She has a way about how she carries herself in interviews and with the videos she’s made for her fans that have really stood out to me, inspiring me to be a better version of myself. She embraces who she is unapologetically. This is something I struggle with often, accepting myself for who I am and what I’ve become at the age that I currently am. She is an inspiration and has been one to me since I was much younger.

I also wrote down Stephen King. I mentioned some years back how I’d not read his work but had seen movies based on it. I wrote this author down because of his attitude and abilities. He has an ability to find inspiration in ways that are amazing to me. I admire that. I enjoy the sense of humor I’ve witnessed in interviews.

My manifesto was dated April, 8th, 2019, but as I’m not sharing it on here it will be dated to the current date.

Think you’ll do a manifesto? Has this helped you in any way? Let me know! Let’s start a discussion.

The Word: My Balancing Act – Scheduled Chaos w/6 Tips

I’m a work-from-home mother. I have been for more than five years now. I have been a writer in various forms, graphic artist, formatter, mentor, blogger, and done whatever I had to do to help my family using my God-given talents. I’m a survivor, love my family, and do what it takes to remain anything but a burden. I’ve paid my taxes and continued to do the best with what I got. With all that I do every day it certain has become a balancing act. Years ago, I posted my schedule that I knew at that time with timeslots included. Of course, this was a flexible schedule that always changed day to day or even week to week.

I’ve been asked in the past how I handle everything. That was part of the inspiration for the original Facebook share of my schedule in truth. I’m always curious how other parents handle their schedules with working from home as well. I’m in awe of others making it work too. Some days it feels like I’m spinning too many plates waiting for them to crash down upon my head with a miracle they haven’t yet. I’m lucky to have a supportive husband and we’re a team. He understands I’m scheduling the chaos and I know he appreciates all my efforts. My Mother’s Day gift is usually a hug from my son and a ‘thank you for all you do’. Which means so much. It feels good to be appreciated.

I am my family’s secretary. I handle it all. I am the one answering the phone calls, making the meetings, scheduling the appointments, and working. I spend long hours at the computer and on phone handling calls. I am not sure if my restless nights due from my insomnia help me, but it gives me something to do when I can’t sleep. I take in consideration the dates and times of everything. When things just simply cannot be done and when things simply need to be handled. These help me in devising the scheduling.

The most important things to me for scheduling are that of what my family needs coming first. When things end, begin, when things are due. After knowing those things are handled, I start filling in the gaps with other things like my work hours. I take my working, graphics and writing, seriously so I schedule them as a any other job would. I give myself x-number of hours with breaks included. I am an agenda planner queen since high school.

An example of my schedule without insomnia

  • 6am – wake up
  • 6-7am – breakfast
  • 7-8am – check emails/phone calls/social media
  • 8-9am – cleaning/check social media/work begins
  • 9am-12pm – work/chores/answer any incoming emails/calls/social media
  • 12pm-12:30pm –lunch/chores
  • 12:30pm –2:50– handle more chores if any/work
  • 3pm – 3:30pm – finishing up anything that hasn’t been done earlier in the day
  • 3:30pm-4pm – another break/begin dinner arranging/finish up work for day
  • 4pm-5pm – catch up with spouse/check mail/deal with social media again
  • 6-10:30pm – family time

Coffee is happening throughout my day. If I have deadlines, I tend to drink more coffee.

Now if my insomnia has flared up most of the chores, emails, and online things have been handled in the middle of the night. For example, my blogging happens most at night. I have even been known to get a lot of work done in these quiet hours as my family sleeps. Work can consist of anything from writing to graphics and anything in-between.

My advice is balancing what’s important. Schedule time for your writing when you can. I’m not saying you won’t be tired. I’m also not saying that you must follow in my footsteps the way I do things, it’s what works for me and may not work for you. I know may freelancers, like me, work a day job along with freelance. More power to you and you have me in awe. Freelancing is my day job, my night job, and my whenever I have time job.

Tips I recommend:

  1. Loyally keep a calendar or agenda book to write down everything and keep dates organized.
  2. Prioritize what’s have to, need to, and want to do’s.
  3. Stick to your schedule as best you can daily, but don’t restrict yourself so much if emergencies happen you can’t recover when you’re able to return to the schedule.
  4. Set goals. Make a word count or page count, whatever it is you can handle and meet it. Even if it’s as small as just a few sentences or words. Something is better than nothing and it all keeps moving forward.
  5. Don’t be hard on yourself if you drop one of the balls you’re juggling. It happens to everyone. Remember to pick yourself back up and keep juggling along.
  6. Do not burn yourself out. Schedule yourself breaks. Too much time at a computer is bad for you. Take a walk, read a book, or even take a nap.