What’s Poetry To Me?

As a youth, I didn’t know that most of my writing was something, an arrow aimed toward a goal. It was simply something I did. Later, with education, I learned it was soothing. That the little stories were forms of ways of self-therapy. I wrote worlds where I was accepted and liked and within the places, I created I meant something. Poetry came into my life through school, but I didn’t really start forming what would be considered poems until after I had written oodles of stories, characters, and situations that were personality and life-changing.

I didn’t write poetry to ever show anyone. I knew I was scribbling and writing little lines of things, but it was inconsistent. I had been taught that poetry usually rhymed. Of course, I’m sure they taught more, but I only remember it rhyming. Some of what I wrote had words that went together like this, some didn’t. Some lines flowed in this style and others didn’t. This didn’t make it poetry to me until I learned about free verse poetry. A type of poetry that was free from the limitations of regular rhythm or rhyming. The gears moved and things clicked, I had been writing some poetry in this style and didn’t even know it. Oh, how one can grow!

Though, at times my poetry still had rhyming at times, most times and most of what has been selected for my first collection is freestyle. For poetry, it solved a problem I had. That issue being what I was doing. So often, over the years, I found myself inspired, but not enough for an entire story or novel, but a just enough ignited to ooze out some lines that were deeply meaningful personally. Poetry came to me as quick jots of emotional expression. They held my secrets. My lines meant something to me when I scribbled them, but often no one wouldn’t know.  They couldn’t decipher the code and my secrets could be held close even though they were in plain sight.

I believe poetry is something that can be incredibly personal but also hidden. I have come to appreciate how you can read a poem and find a meaning in it that makes it personal to you as well. A short beautiful little burst of expression.

If you’re interested in the above mention collection of poetry, it’s in pre-orders at the time this post goes live, but may already be out if you’re reading this later than July 25th, 2019. Click the link below to go to Amazon and purchase it!

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