Explanation of the All of my Every Things Title

If you’ve been reading up on this book here on the website you’ve probably noticed it has gone through some changes. From covers to content, I’ve tinkered. I wanted to share the experience on my website the best I could without revealing too much and spoiling everything for everyone. I have become aware, with some messaging me on social media, questions. Especially, about the title of the book.

“It shouldn’t be All of my Every Things, but All of my Everything!”

“The title doesn’t sound right.”

I did this purposefully. I like playing with words. Where it’s considered wrong or not by masses or individuals. I admit it, I love words so much sometimes I play around with them. This is one of those times.

I am aware that ‘everything’ refers to ideas or objects as a group. ‘Every thing’ draws attention to something individually. I can feel the eyes twitching now. Bare with me. Let me explain more. Though the book is a collection of poems within it there are individual poems.

I find it all very funny. I’m sure the title would’ve been better with All of my Every Little Thing or All of the Things, but I wanted to play with my words. As with many of the poems inside of it, they were moments of me almost playing with my emotions to get them out. I’m not sure if any of that helps. It’s not an editing error and it’s not like I’m aware of what the title is doing. I’m just a boring lady that plays with her work at times. Laughter helps ease the tension of work and life for me.

I recommend checking out the website Quora’s article: What is the difference between “everything” and “every thing”?  by John Geare. If you’re curious about what the big difference really is with some additional information.

If you’re interested in the above mention collection of poetry, it’s in pre-orders at the time this post goes live, but may already be out if you’re reading this later than July 2019. Click the link below to go to Amazon and purchase it!

Pre-ordering now open at Amazon

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